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Moving from Anquet is the most popular upgrade to RouteBuddy - on both Windows and macOS
Anquet's new OMN Version it's a bit of a con-trick!", "Anquet's [customer service] was absolutely woeful
Alan Sloman, long distance walker, regular TGO Challenger and blogger
How to upgrade from Anquet to RouteBuddy
Mac OS X - Anquet Maps Mac
Our current offer is a 20% discount off the same maps you have bought for Anquet until January 2017, after then the discount goes down to 10%.
We need proof of purchase, time of purchase and type of map.

Windows OS - Anquet - all Windows versions
Depending upon the age of your maps we can offer up to 25% discount.
Discounts depend on proof of purchase, time of purchase and type of map.

Anquet's map tiles and cut your own map
If you bought map tiles from Anquet then don't worry, we'll go one better and upgrade you to a discounted whole map in the same area or even the whole country!
Both RouteBuddy and RouteBuddy Atlas ship with comprehensive and printable PDF manuals.
Download manuals by clicking here:
Manuals Page
Terms and Conditions
  • The first thing to note is that we cannot transfer a licence over for any map as the Ordnance Survey / Harvey do not allow that.
  • We have to make a reasonable charge for the maps to pay OS and Harvey map fees, and run a business; but you receive new and far faster maps and better software.
  • We upgrade all of your old Anquet maps to the latest OS and Harvey discounted maps in one application to us, not one-by-one.
  • Please send us a copy of your purchase invoice(s) for your Anquet Maps or a screenshot of the maps listed in the software window together with some sort of proof of ownership (such as User Name and date captured in the screenshot).
  • Note: This does not apply to commercial licensing requests which we deal with on a case-by-case basis.
Email a member of our team to: ObscureMyUpgradeToRouteBuddyEmail Please have proof-of-purchase ready.
I've been stung too many times in the past- first with Memory Map, then Anquet.
Robin Lucas-Evans
Why people leave Anquet
Mac software…?
In 2010 Anquet released their Mac software called 'Anquet Maps Mac' it had been in development for some time, was basic, released with limited features, failed to be supported and was pulled from the market after a few years of pressurised map sales. As time went on these copies of Anquet's Mac software just stopped working on Mac computers leaving Anquet's customers with expensive digital maps they couldn't access…
- Worthy of note is that previous PC owners of Anquet map software were not allowed to transfer their licences from a purchased PC map to a Mac map to work with the new Anquet map software, which was really rather unfair. These twice-charged customers of Anquet then had to repeat buy their new maps at increased expenditure when, some months down the line, they lost all of that money all over again when Anquet's Mac map software went belly up.

RouteBuddy is solid:

In contrast RouteBuddy have developed map software for over a decade now, fully supporting Apple's Mac OS X and then Windows OS; we make sure our software works and then support it too.

RouteBuddy is British made:
RouteBuddy software is engineered by UK engineers, unlike others we do not outsource any of our work to cheap overseas programming. We are a UK company based in Guildford, Surrey and our engineers and staff walk the walks you walk and are personally known by many in the UK outdoors world.
Each year brings a sizeable number of Anquet Windows users moving to RouteBuddy.
  • I'm hoping to move my mapping software to start using RouteBuddy.
  • I'm very dissatisfied with the Anquet offering.
  • May I congratulate you on your customer service so far as I  was most impressed.
  • OS: Mac purchase email 'Heard from': "A disgruntled Anquet user."
  • I have Anquet maps and have been using it on my iphone ipad and laptop for over a year however it has been buggy unstable very slow and appears to have no support.
  • I am a Mac user running Anquet Maps, twice in the last 18 months they have told me they would be adding GPS connectivity to their software and it still hasn't happened. (Their software is quite lame anyway).
  • When I moved to using Macs i found that Memory Map doesn't operate on them so invested in Anquet Maps. This hasn't proved to be very successful, with Anquet software (on both the mac and iphone) draining the battery at an alarming rate (you can literally watch the battery indicator drain!).
  • I already have some 1:25k maps from Anquet (the Mac version), and I spotted something in the forum about a possible discount against your maps.
  • Hello, I have been reading your information in particular the generous discount offered to disgruntled Anquet customers.
Anquet Mac
Since Anquet Maps Mac, and it's iOS counterpart, were withdrawn customers have suffered the burden of a financial loss and lost support. One customer lost over £300 in Anquet maps he purchased but then couldn't use when Anquet Mac software refused to open anymore.

Anquet Cloud

RouteBuddy don't offer any silly 'Cloud lock-in' nonsense (what Anquet really mean is 'their server'). With RouteBuddy you simply download the map you've bought and keep it, as simple as that. Cloud services for desktop maps invades your privacy, has access problems, slows down your software and your computer network, far too much hassle.

Anquet on iOS

RouteBuddy were the first company to put Ordnance Survey maps onto a smartphone with RouteBuddy Atlas for iOS and our RouteBuddy Atlas software is fully supported and engineered in this country, no overseas. RouteBuddy Atlas also Syncs with RouteBuddy on both Windows and Mac OS X.
Why RouteBuddy is so popular
Moving between two computers or use both Mac and PC? Then let us make it easy for you
Because RouteBuddy is professional map software built on a core engine we have also engineered in the ability to swap licenses between Windows and Mac OS X versions; it doesn't matter which computer your prefer in the future, just take your licence with you.
1) RouteBuddy is made in Britain, not overseas. We understand your needs and use the same maps ourselves in the UK, for running, hiking, camping and cycling (RouteBuddy is based in Guildford, Surrey). Contact us if you need us via Support.

2) We do not outsource software or map builds, everything we do is in-house to get the high quality we aim for.

3) We don't use misleading sales talk, we state what the products are. Further respect for our customers means we also wait to release products like 'the real 2015 maps' only when we have received the raw 2015 map data from the Ordnance Survey (March 2015). Anquet have always advertised next years maps from the preceding years map data…

4) We reinvest margins from our sales into making better software and maps for you. No silly expensive marketing make-believe, we just build good quality products and offer them in the RouteBuddy Store.

5) It is not possible to use an Anquet map in RouteBuddy as they are not multi-layered, haven't been engineered for RouteBuddy's high speed of pan and zoom and would be even slower if we did load them. In essence they only plain map tiles but, in contrast, we ship MultiLayer OS and Harvey Maps.