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You want Modern Map software and Modernised Topo Maps, so welcome to RouteBuddy
May I congratulate you on your customer service so far as I was most impressed
C Warrington
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Anquet Maps Mac
• DeLorme
• MacGPS Pro
• Maypx Quo
• Memory-Map
• Outdoors GPS
• OS Getamap
• OS Mapfinder
• Ozi-Explorer
• Tracklogs
• Trailzilla
• Viewranger
VPmaps for Mac
The detail…
RouteBuddy for Windows and macOS - RouteBuddy Atlas - and RouteBuddy Maps have been engineered to a higher standard than the rest of the pack.

Unique map Software
RouteBuddy are unique in creating the only multi-platform map software (worldwide) for Windows, macOS and iOS so, with one licence per map, you can use all of your Topo maps from the RouteBuddy Store on your iPhone, iPad and in Windows or macOS.

In-App map purchase option

For iPhone and iPad users we also have In-App map purchase for instant map downloads to your iPhone or iPad, please though note that these maps cannot be used in our desktop software RouteBuddy on Windows or in macOS.
All or nothing
We will only crossgrade all of your old maps to new discounted maps made in one application to us, not one-by-one.

Proof of purchase
Please send us a copy of your purchase invoice(s) for your old map software or a screenshot of the maps listed in the software window together with some sort of proof of ownership (such as User Name and date captured in the same screenshot).

Better than buying map tiles
Tiles... If you bought map tiles for older software then we'll go one better and crossgrade you to a discounted whole map in the same area!

Where to run RouteBuddy
RouteBuddy Maps need RouteBuddy software for Windows or a Mac to run and, for iOS devices, a free copy of RouteBuddy Atlas.
1) The first thing to note is that we cannot transfer a licence over for any map as the Ordnance Survey / Harvey Maps do not allow that.
2) You cannot use a maps from other software in RouteBuddy, they are not MultiLayer, haven't been engineered for our high speed and would be even slower if we did load them.
3) We have to make a reasonable charge for the maps to pay map supplier fees, and run a business; but you of course receive new and far faster maps, and better software.
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Andy Howell and other respected long-distance walkers use RouteBuddy, feel free to visit Andy's great outdoors blog MustBeThisWay here:
Andy Howell on RouteBuddy
Andy Howell on Anquet Maps
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(Note: This does not apply to commercial licensing requests which we deal with on a case-by-case basis.)