RouteBuddy's Upgrade Policy

Learn more about how you can upgrade maps and apps
If our FAQs below do not answer your question then please visit our support page.
RouteBuddy upgrade path policy…
RouteBuddy's upgrade policy - here we've tried to make it simple and straightforward, as detailed below.
- RouteBuddy's development is dynamic and, because of these constant and positive changes, you as our customer benefit in ways that no other map software developer yet offers; Not only do we add more features and usability each time, but we are also consistently striving to refine the application for a wider range of customer requests and benefits.
Full versions
- These are our 'major' upgrades and so far are versions 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Feature versions
- These are 'point' upgrades, such as 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and so on.
Each of these point upgrades offers new features, refinement and any bug fixes that take the software forward, and are released as and when we test and finish each build.

Why release updates in the way that RouteBuddy do?
We have two options when offering updates:
- Work all year and then release a very packed "major" upgrade containing all the new features that we have worked on throughout the last twelve months.
- Split the work into themed tranches of features and bug fixes and then release when each one is ready
Option 1. Is easier on us as a company, and less work to do as each 'major upgrade' is only one product to launch.
Option 2. Keeps us in touch with our customers, delivers the latest work we've completed and gets these new features into customers hands without any delay. Which is the way we prefer to work.
RouteBuddy pricing policy…
RouteBuddy 1.x to RouteBuddy 2.x
(Free of charge.)
RouteBuddy 2.x to RouteBuddy 4.x - £29.99
RouteBuddy 3.x to RouteBuddy 4.x - £19.99
(Applies after the EarlyBirdSpecial offer closes - only available for newsletter subscribers.)

Get your upgrade discount code:

  • Go to the Purchases panel in the RouteBuddy application
  • Click on the RouteBuddy icon and the licence will show in the licence panel
  • Note: If you have already upgraded to 4.0 then the ability to see the licence for previous version will not be possible, please find the licence code sent to you in your last purchase email for RouteBuddy Software
  • Copy the RBUD (vsn 2.x) or RBD3 (vsn 3.x) from the licence panel
  • Send an email to and provide us with your licence code, date of purchase and the email address you used when you purchased it.
  • RouteBuddy support will send you a unique discount code for you to upgrade to RouteBuddy 4.x
  • When you receive your code go to via your normal web browser to purchase the app and apply the discount code you are given when you get to the shopping cart.
  • Lower prices with the RouteBuddy Early Bird Special...
  • Note: Your license code can be located in the “Purchases” panel within RouteBuddy, or can be found in your “RouteBuddy Order” or “Thanks for your payment” emails.
  • Please do not purchase the full copy of RouteBuddy 4 and apply for the upgrade price later as it is not possible to refund the excess after purchase.

Just bought RouteBuddy?
If you have bought a full-retail-price copy of RouteBuddy within 30 days before the launch of a newer version then we'll always upgrade you for free! (Promotional offers via third parties are excluded from this offer.)
For RouteBuddy 1.x owners!
You must upgrade your 1.x library to a 2.x library first and then upgrade the 2.x library to a 4.x library.
(RouteBuddy 4 contains a new type of library that's been built to improve the way RouteBuddy works with, and stores, your imported geodata.)
Upgrading from 1.x to 2.x is completely free of charge!
Get your copy of:
RouteBuddy 2.6 from here.
Upgrading from 2.6 to 4.2.1?
First you need to upgrade your database to version 3.5 before you can upgrade to 4.2.1
Upgrading your library from 2.x to 3.x does NOT require you to purchase the RouteBuddy 3.5 version.
- RouteBuddy 3.5 Windows from here.
- RouteBuddy 3.5 Mac from here.
- Then purchase and Install RouteBuddy 4.2.1 using the instructions in the purchase email and check out the section in the manual called "Consolidate your pre 3.5 Routes"

For full instructions please refer to the RouteBuddy Manual
MANUAL RouteBuddy for Windows and Mac OS X
Pre-2009 road maps will not work with RouteBuddy 4.x. Please check your purchase data to see what road maps you have before upgrading to 4.x

Then contact RouteBuddy Support.
In the world of software development there are two ways to create revenue for a company to exist, enter into new research and development and naturally to pay staff a living wage, they are...

New features:
In software companies each product development cycle reaches the stage of a major upgrade where enough new features (not bug fixes, that's always down to the company) are added to the software that you originally purchased and for those they charge a fee. There are different ways of doing this but, as we at RouteBuddy like to get early 'point' releases into our customers hands without delay, we've chosen the 'Buy Major upgrade and get all the next point upgrades free of charge until the next major release'.

Content sales:
Digital maps; these we buy in as the raw encoded map data from each mapping organisation, convert into a useable product implementing core RouteBuddy map technology, which is vastly different to our competitors map releases, and sell these maps via the RouteBuddy Store.

Should you have anymore questions feel free to email RouteBuddy Support
Upgraded to a paid upgrade version (without purchasing) but want to stay with the version you already had?
- The message we send you will always say whether it is an upgrade for a fee and you are always given the option to skip the upgrade.
- If you have not skipped, gone ahead and upgraded but then decide you don't want to upgrade, then you will find the old version of RouteBuddy in the Recycle Bin/Trash.
- You can remove the upgrade version from the Programs/Applications folder and re-instate the old version.
Get your upgrades now…
Email our support team to ask questions and click to get upgraded to RouteBuddy now
  • This does not apply to commercial licensing requests which we deal with on a case-by-case basis.