RouteBuddy's Privacy Policy

How RouteBuddy respect your privacy…
RouteBuddy respect your privacy, and will always treat communications in confidence. If your email address is ever retained by us, it will never be disclosed to other companies or organisations. If you have any questions or comments regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Software Update - Overview
- Some of our software has the ability to automatically check for updates or patches. This is achieved through a similar process to Apple’s "Software Update" or Microsoft's "Windows Update" features, by retrieving a single web page from our site.
- To protect your privacy, no personal information will be sent as part of this process. Although this feature is optional, we recommend that it be enabled. This will ensure you are always running the latest version, and will receive any bug fixes or performance improvements present in subsequent releases.
- Note: Our software does not run in the background, and the check is only made when the application is running and you are already online.

Software Update - How It Works
- In order to check for an update, a version history page is retrieved from our web server. The software compares its version with the currently released version, and informs the user if an update is detected.
- The "user agent" string sent by the software includes the software name, version, and details of the current operating system. This follows the normal conventions for web clients, and does not disclose any personal or identifying information. An example user agent string would be:
RouteBuddy/3.0 (Mac OS 10.6.8; 4x2000Mhz; 4096Mb; x86-64)
- This string contains the software name and version, the OS version, the CPU speed and architecture, and the amount of physical memory installed. This information is not processed on an individual basis, and is aggregated to form a general usage summary. This summary allows us to improve our development efforts, by ensuring that future updates are developed in accordance with the needs of our customers.
- If you would prefer to check for updates manually, this feature can be turned off in the Preferences window.
- Cookies
Your access to our website or store may have been via one of our affiliates or via a web search, this means that cookies may have been placed on your computer.
You are of course at liberty to remove these cookies from your computer and if you wish to find out how to do this then please visit

Our client's websites
- Outdoor related website promotion
On request from RouteBuddy clients and when we notice from a purchase or contact, that a client of ours has a connection with the outdoors world, we'd like to help our clients promote their business and blogging websites and will, where we can, promote these on our 'client page' on the RouteBuddy site. Should you wish to be removed from this promotional page then please contact RouteBuddy Support.