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Full Map Screen with WorldGeo™ Topo Maps


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Pictorial Guides to using Atlas

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Atlas has Quick and Easy Navigation You can flip between full map screen and powerful tools to, for example, show current location, record a track, mark a route, measure distance, zoom in and out, and place a waypoint.

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Full screen maps are the best, with no clutter getting in the way! With just one touch you can access a full screen or just as quickly switch to a powerful set of tools. When you are out in bad weather you need a clean map interface.

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Buy Multi-Platform Maps from the RouteBuddy Store for GPS Navigation & Planning on your PC or Mac. Note: In-App free and premium maps are purchased In-App but are limited to use within the app.

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Buy maps from the RouteBuddy Store and you get the best value. You can also use them on more devices, like your PC and Mac, to plan routes and print copies. Always take printed maps with you for safety!

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RouteBuddy is the leading topo map desktop program - plan routes, store recorded data from Atlas or GPS devices & transfer maps over USB and WiFi. It is the only offline map software available for both Windows and Mac.
Load map choice #1 - directly into your iOS navigation device: In-App Maps that are quick to load but only useable in Atlas.
Load map choice #2 - into Windows and macOS and your iOS navigation device: Multi-Platform Topo Maps for Navigation and Desktop Planning.

Note: - Maps from the RouteBuddy Store can be used on iPhone, iPad and on your desktop in Windows or Mac OS X.
(Loading to iPad and iPhone is via your PC or Mac.)
Note: - In-App Maps can only be purchased from within the app and used within the app, they cannot be transferred or refunded.
  • Clean and clear user interface
  • View Maps in portrait or landscape, with or without toolbars
  • Add Waypoints by location or by grid ref / coordinate search
  • Edit names for Waypoints, Routes, Tracks plus descriptions and URLs

  • Change Colours of Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
  • Import GPX and KML files of routes and waypoints from your computer
  • No data charges - anywhere! Atlas offline maps use your iPhone's built-in GPS to track and locate your position

  • Lock Map feature to avoid moving the map whilst location services being used
  • Export Tracks to your computer for use in RouteBuddy or Google Earth
  • Search OS Gazetteer for topographic locations
  • Search OSM online Gazetteer 
  • Pan and Zoom Maps with tap or pinch and squeeze
  • Cache Free Map tiles from OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap for off-line use
  • Search by coordinates or grid-reference choosing from: Lat/Lon - OSGB - UTM - OSNG - Lambert 93
  • Experienced hikers prefer Atlas for its clean design and ease of use when out on the trail - and in all conditions.
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10 easy steps to learn the basics about RouteBuddy Atlas.

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Slideshow of RouteBuddy Maps and Tools

  • Atlas’ clear and logical interface makes navigation easy

  • Syncs geodata with desktop map software over WiFi and USB

  • Loads offline GPS topo maps so no cell signal required

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