About RouteBuddy GIS

Founded in 2005, RouteBuddy are a UK-based developer of GPS-enabled mapping software
Our goal is continual development of high-quality mapping software that unlocks the potential of mass-market GPS devices and expanding our range of maps from around the world.

To support our software we have also developed the RouteBuddy Store, which provides a gateway to purchasing digital maps for use in our products. Our original desktop-mapping software was released in 2006, and was followed by mobile software for Apple's iOS platform. We have continued to develop both desktop and mobile products, and have recently expanded our desktop support to include Microsoft Windows.

RouteBuddy for Windows and Mac OS X
- is global digital desktop map software, allowing DirectLayer™access to satellite imagery from Bing Maps, as well as vector Road Maps for many countries, and raster Topo Maps for the UK, USA and France.

Following the release of RouteBuddy 4.2 we have greatly expanded our map catalogue and continue to do so, making RouteBuddy the preferred choice for any digital map user who requires a refined and professional user-interface, with high-definition, and fast pre-rendered map sets.Uniquely RouteBuddy Map Software offers options when viewing maps in that you can view, all at the same time, vector, raster topo and online satellite maps on a global basis which gives RouteBuddy users far more control over planning and analysis than competitors map software as well as being able to plan any route in the finest of detail.

RouteBuddy Atlas for iPhone and iPad
- is global digital mobile map software, allowing access to OpenStreetMap and OpenCycleMap tiles as well as raster Topo Maps for the UK, USA and France.

The key difference between Atlas and its competitors is our very clean UI and keeping powerful tools hidden until they are needed, in so-doing the Atlas app is in complete contrast to competitors apps that show cluttered screens and are more suited to armchair walkers that enjoy the fun of playing with buttons…

Contact details: 
RouteBuddy are based near Guildford, Surrey in the United Kingdom and can be contacted for support by email at: or by post at:
RouteBuddy Ltd
PO Box 195,
United Kingdom

Company Details:

Company Name: RouteBuddy Limited
Company Number: 5824810
Registered in the United Kingdom