Maps to Suit You

Helping you choose your maps…
  • Activity
  • Scale
  • Detail
  • Map Area
  • Cartographer
  • Cost
  • Device
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Maps to suit Activities
Hiker | Mountain Biker | Long Distance Cyclist | Mountaineer?
The first things to consider are…
Will you be going slow or moving fast?
Generally speaking you’ll need to choose a suitable map scale that best suits your activity, such as a large scale map (25k to 40k) when on foot, or choose the next scales up for cycling (50k to 100k) and a small scale map (250k) for orientation when on foot, road use or as a ‘big-picture’ planning tool.

We also offer specialist mountain summit maps (12.5k) for mountaineers as well as smaller scale maps of 500k, 1,000k and 1,000,000k for whole countries, which are ideal for touring.
  • See ’SCALE’ tab.
Do you need to see more or less map information?
The next item to consider is the amount of detail you’ll need on the map. Naturally walkers and mountaineers will need the most amount of detail but even with these maps there is another factor to consider, which is the ‘type and amount’ of detail.
  • See ’DETAIL’ tab.
Advantage - You can PRINT all Maps Purchased from our Store with RouteBuddy Pro
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Map Scales
10k | 12.5k | 25k | 40k | 50k | 100k | 250k | 500k | 1000k | 1000000k?
Choosing the best map scale to suit your activity
Large scale maps (12.5k to 40k) best suit those on foot and 50k up to 100k scales are more suitable for cycling or off-road use. Whereas scales over 250k are ideal for overall planning (to see the big picture prior to outlining a planned route) as well as touring by car.

Navigation tip:
  • Even when on foot, or using self-powered transport, it is worth having small scale map of over 250k loaded in Atlas as it is ideal for confirming what distant landmarks are.
Small scale maps (over 100k)
Road users tend to opt for the StreetMap which, although only 10k scale, is ideal for navigation in urban areas and also laod our 500k to 1000k maps for navigation over a greater distance, ideal when covering a lot of ground in a vehicle.

Navigation tip:
  • If you are travelling overseas always purchase the larger maps of each country to avoid using online maps which cost you in data fees - besides offering far less topographic data.
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Tab 3
Map Detail
More or Less Map Information?
The right amount of map detail makes for easier route-planning and navigation
Naturally walkers and mountaineers need the most amount of detail but, even with these maps, there is another factor to consider, which is the type of detail (how it is drawn on the map) and amount of detail (less can be more!).

Detail - less or more?
For a graphic comparison it is worth looking at examples for UK maps which are the Ordnance Survey (OS) maps and Harvey maps.
  • The UK’s OS maps have bags of detail, though these come with the caveat that some of it gets in the way for walkers and mountaineers, on the other hand, Harvey maps (25k and 40k) offer only the amount of detail outdoor map users really require - Harvey map users will tell you that Harvey maps are easier to read. Personal preferences aside, we do advise people to consider both when choosing which one may best suit you.
Which map to choose?
Very much down to personal preference and which type of map suits you more.
  • Check to see whether the map data provider offers coverage in an area or the map scales you are after - this can vary from country to country.

Make Visual Comparisons of Maps
For each country we have a comparison light box like the image below, just click on each name to be taken to that page.
Harvey | Ordnance Survey | France | Norway | Ireland | USA
RouteBuddy - How To Choose Maps Image Sample
iPhone users
It is not practical to view the images above on an iPhone…

Please view on your iPad or a web browser on PC or Mac.
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Tab 4
Map Coverage
Country | Region | Area | National Park | Trail | Special Interest | Events
Whole Country or Smaller Custom Maps?
Big maps
Many of our customers buy the whole country map for touring and planning purposes. Various scales are available at affordable price levels.
  • Advantage - only in RouteBuddy are maps modernised to the same projection that Google and Microsoft Bing use.
Buy what you need
We offer a wide range of smaller maps which are cut out from our larger maps to provide you with a specified area for say hiking a trail or national park.
  • Advantage - we give a better map trail coverage and add extra map content so you can get from transport TrailHeads onto the trail.
  • Advantage - our competitors see you parts of map tiles you don’t need, we save you money with our custom map cutouts.
Move between maps
In our desktop and navigation map software we have made it quick and easy to flip between different maps and scales
  • Advantage - only in RouteBuddy can smaller maps be layered over whole country maps, no matter what their scale
  • Advantage - only in RouteBuddy can you use a ‘Direct Satellite Map Overlay’ - try our demo RouteBuddy software and compare the difference.
  • Advantage - there is no shuffling from map screen to map screen in RouteBuddy, with one click you can flip between layered maps in the same screen.
Advantage - You can PRINT all Maps Purchased from our Store with RouteBuddy Pro
Tab 5
Data Supplier
Which cartographic style suits your outdoor activity best?
Below we use the UK as an example…
The UK has a national mapping agency and private mapping companies
Sometimes a mix of map styles is the right thing - which is why we built a tool to engineer any map data (from any country) to a common standard. This standard is WGS84 or WorldGeo™ as used by Google and Microsoft.
  • Advantage - only in RouteBuddy can you mix and layer ‘any maps of any scale’.
UK example - you can mix OS (Ordnance Survey) and Harvey maps
This is unique in offline map software, nor is it available with online web maps
  • Advantage - you can create a route across ‘all of your maps’ no matter who they are from.
  • Advantage - you can print layered maps, with a route overlay, and combining any maps from any selection you wish to create.
Advantage - You can PRINT all Maps Purchased from our Store with RouteBuddy Pro
Tab 6
Maps to suit your pocket
Our custom maps offer the best deal for any area, even if you only visit it once
From small trails and parks to large, but affordable, maps of a whole country you will find a huge selection to suit you in the RouteBuddy Map Catalogue
Small maps
We offer maps of trail, parks and events that offer the best coverage for a very low price.

Large maps

Look out for maps like ‘BaseLayer’ in the UK and small scale maps over 250k in different countries - all these maps represent excellent value.
  • Advantage - all of thee maps can be mixed and layered in our desktop software and also used in our Navigation software Atlas.

You own the maps!
Unlike web maps from other map companies you won’t have to pay us a subscription year after year, all you have to do is store them and they’ll never cost you another penny.
  • Advantage - web maps offer very limited tools compared to RouteBuddy Pro on Windows and macOS as you can see here.
Advantage - You can PRINT all Maps Purchased from our Store with RouteBuddy Pro
Tab 7
Maps to suit your device
iPhone | iPad | Windows | Mac
Should you buy your maps via the iTunes Store or direct from the RouteBuddy Store?
  • Mobile In essence it is quicker to install maps for your mobile (though not as large a selection) direct from the iTunes Store BUT you can only use them on your mobile.
  • Mobile and Desktop Purchase and installation of maps from our RouteBuddy Store is faster than the above, however it takes a few more steps to get these maps onto your iPhone or iPad, but this is well worth it due to cost savings and the ability to do so much more with your maps.
Buy maps from the RouteBuddy Store
RouteBuddy Store Maps are 'MultiPlatform Maps', downloaded to a computer for loading into RouteBuddy Atlas on your iPhone or iPad and/or RouteBuddy on Windows or macOS.
  • Note: These are the best value maps because you can use them in so many different ways on your devices and PRINT as many maps as you like.
  • UNIQUE - All RouteBuddy Maps can be Mixed, Layered and Merged with RouteBuddy's worldwide Topo maps.
  • UNIQUE - All RouteBuddy Maps can be layered under Satellite Map Imagery.
Which means only in RouteBuddy do you have the most powerful map planning and analysis tools available! No other online or offline map software compares.

Buy Maps from within RouteBuddy Atlas on your iPhone or iPad

RouteBuddy Atlas Maps bought as In-App map purchases are limited to use on 'iPhone and iPad Only' - nor - can they be transferred to your Mac or PC. Nor can you print from these maps.
  • Note: Map upgrades - In rare cases we will consider upgrades but this all depends upon the initial value of the In-App map and Apple's fee system which leaves little margin for the developer.
Advantage - You can PRINT all Maps Purchased from our Store with RouteBuddy Pro