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Firstly let me say: nice product, enjoying using it, much better than the competition...
David Dodd
I've been using RouteBuddy for several years now and find it excellent both for route-planning and for use in the wilds with print-out maps
Chris Townsend, long distance UK and USA hiker, author, TGO magazine columnist and blogger

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Download Free RouteBuddy Demo software for Windows or Mac OS X

RouteBuddy 4.2 Pro - Licensed Version
  • Add more features to RouteBuddy

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    By licensing RouteBuddy you can add all of these powerful features below:
    • Maps areas and Strip Maps
    • Route Cards without the big 'Demo' watermark
    Manage GeoData
    • Create as many Place Files and Folders as you like to hold Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
    Import and Export GeoData
    • In a variety of file formats GPX, KML, CSV, GARMIN and TomTom formats
    • Waypoints, Routes and Tracks directly to/from recognised GPS devices
    Sync iPhone and Computer
    • and backup Maps and GeoData over WiFi and USB, to/from your iOS device... easy, quick and simple
    • RouteBuddy Software comes with Demo maps only (see above) you need to choose the maps you want to use with the software from the large collections we have on the RouteBuddy Store
  • Get more from RouteBuddy Topo Maps

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    Buy once
    • Use on up to 5 of your devices.
    RouteBuddy Store
    • Low prices, massive selection.
  • Buy RouteBuddy 4.2 Pro now and enjoy the extra features

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    RouteBuddy 4.2 Pro costs £39.99
    Click here to buy on the RouteBuddy Store
System Requirements
Mac OS X
Software: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
Hardware: Intel Mac
Windows OS
Software: Windows XP SP3 or higher
Hardware: Intel
RouteBuddy is built to take advantage of multi-core and multi-threaded processors
RAM - always max your RAM to get the best from your OS and any application
RouteBuddy is not recommended for use with Mac OS X El Capitan's Split Screen mode
*Excludes In-App maps from Apple's iTunes Store.
**Purchase of RouteBuddy desktop software required.
***Map bounce is when online map software zooms out from the Topo Map and then zooms in on the Satellite Map and the reverse happening when you go back to the topo map. In essence this causes disorientation as your eyes are taken off the map detail (and wastes your time). RouteBuddy has DirectLayer technology where Topo and Satellite Maps just fade from one to the other - the you cam keep an eye on all of the detail!