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"I've been using RouteBuddy for several years now and find it excellent both for route-planning and for use in the wilds with print-out maps…"
Chris Townsend, long distance UK and USA hiker, author, TGO magazine columnist and outdoor blogger

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Quickly Plan Routes with WorldGeo™ Topo Maps

RouteBuddy on Mac and PC sample screenshot
RouteBuddy on Mac and PC
"Firstly let me say: nice product, enjoying using it, much better than the competition..."
David Dodd

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Guides to using RouteBuddy on PC or Mac

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RouteBuddy looks and works the same on both PC and Mac.
If you use either system then you’ll find switching between the two simple and easy with identical commands and map structure.
Powerful digital map software
  • Clear and easy to use interface that brings useful and powerful tools to your fingertips
  • Many unique features that are not available from our competitors
  • Universal toolbar that looks and works the same on both Mac and PC
  • Plot Routes by clicking on map
  • Drag and Drop Route files from your GPS, from friends and websites
  • Analyse elevation, ascent, descent and other statistics
  • Export Routes to GPS with RouteBuddy Sync
  • View your Waypoints, Routes and Tracks over Road, Topo, or Satellite Imagery
  • Detailed route editing, with route styling (colour, line thickness, style and opacity)
  • Export Route Card Data in editable CVS format
  • Import Tracks
Modern Maps
  • All RouteBuddy Maps have been converted to the modern WGS84 format, the same format that Google use.
  • Totally unique to RouteBuddy's Maps
  • With WGS84 maps you can layer and merge Topo and Vector maps from all around the world
  • With WGS84 maps you can use place Satellite Maps over your Topo maps - and see more trails
  • State-of-the-art animated layer technology makes for smooth layer transition
Print Maps
  • Print your maps on waterproof or normal paper.
  • Change the scale of the maps for printing making it great to print a 25K map at 1:10K scale and not need glasses or a magnifier
  • Print Route Cards
Safe storage of your valuable GeoData
  • Backup Waypoint, Routes and Tracks from your GPS to RouteBuddy on your computer
  • Create multiple libraries of your GPS activities
  • Create folders and folders-within-folders logically store your GeoData
Plug-and-play GPS support for
  • iPhone, iPad and many Garmin, TomTom and USGlobalSat devices
Why RouteBuddy?
  • RouteBuddy is a multifunctional mapping application which can seamlessly layer road, topo and satellite imagery maps providing you with an all-round experience unrivalled by any other software. It is not just a topo map application, nor just a satellite map application, nor a road map application… in a nutshell it does all!
  • Fast, sure and powerful desktop mapping that beats all the others hands down. Winning award after award RouteBuddy has been voted the Outdoor Industries best and most innovative digital map software by long-distance walkers who need powerful tools.
  • Use all sorts of Topo or Road maps in the same software and then layer satellite imagery 'directly' over the top like no-one else offers for very detailed planning.
  • For your iPhone and iPad then please visit our RouteBuddy Atlas page for more information
  • RouteBuddy desktop software can use Road AND Topo maps
  • RouteBuddy Atlas mobile software only uses Topo maps
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Buy our offline topo maps and they are yours, forever! No web ties or an unsecure cloud account which can fail.
Load a map on up to five personal devices
registered in your name and you are covered for route planning on desktop and navigation on the trail.

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One: Your Route | Track | Waypoint data is not safe on web maps, or your mobile, back it up into RouteBuddy.
Two: Use RouteBuddy’s Folders and Search tools to organise your data.

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Load maps | Click to flip between maps | Click Aerial to overlay Satellite View.
With much more information you can now plan your routes over as many map layers that you wish to create.

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View images One to Five
The OS Map shows no path between the blue marked trails. But in the satellite view a trail is visible! Simply connect between the two marked trails and export to GPS or Print.

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Safety! Always take printed maps with you in case your GPS stops working.
You can print screenshots of our maps with our free RouteBuddy Demo.

The RouteBuddy Pro Licensed version…
  • Open up a wealth of printing capabilities, including printing of maps at different scales and, unique to RouteBuddy, printing of layered maps (see section on Layered Maps).
By licensing RouteBuddy you can add all of these powerful features below:
  • Maps areas and Strip Maps
  • Route Cards without the big 'Demo' watermark
Manage GeoData
  • Create as many Place Files and Folders as you like to hold Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
Import and Export GeoData
  • In a variety of file formats GPX, KML, CSV, GARMIN and TomTom formats
  • Waypoints, Routes and Tracks directly to/from recognised GPS devices
Sync iPhone and Computer
  • and backup Maps and GeoData over WiFi and USB, to/from your iOS device... easy, quick and simple
  • RouteBuddy Software comes with Demo maps only (see above) you need to choose the maps you want to use with the software from the large collections we have on the RouteBuddy Store
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Web maps cost more over time. You pay twice, for web and for mobile versions, but you never own either.
Online maps suffer from time-lag | no map layers | poor tool set | visual clutter | browser limitations | adverts | slow speed.

1. I get a warning about unidentified developers.
2. Is RouteBuddy safe? Yes.
3. What do I do and tell me more.
From OS X Mountain Lion onwards Apple embedded a safety feature called GateKeeper.
- Many developers, like RouteBuddy, have chosen not to adopt this system.

Apple expects you to pay twice for each map
If RouteBuddy adopted Apple's GateKeeper system then Apple expects our customers to buy the same map twice-over (for RouteBuddy and for our GPS Nav App Atlas) as all purchases would have to be made via both of Apple's app stores (mobile and desktop). In a telcon with Apple's representative we were told that it would not be possible to sync map purchases between both stores and therefore both apps.
(In contrast any maps bought via the RouteBuddy Store can be loaded on all three platforms and you only pay for the maps once.)

We only ask you to pay once for each map
In contrast any maps bought via the RouteBuddy Store can be loaded on all three platforms and you only pay for the maps once.

What about the warning?
The warnings on loading a non-GateKeeper application seem intimidating but
Apple's clear instructions below simply show you the easy way around this.
Apple's 5 step Instructions for loading non-GateKeeper software:
How to change your app-loading security settings and open the RouteBuddy app.

1. In the Finder, locate the app you want to open.
2. Don’t use Launchpad to do this. Launchpad doesn’t allow you to access the shortcut menu.
3. Press the Control key and click the app icon, then choose Open from the shortcut menu.
4. Click Open.
5. The app is saved as an exception to your security settings, and you can open it in the future by double-clicking it just as you can any registered app.

Note: x
Another way to grant an exception for a blocked app is to click the “Open Anyway” button on the Security pane of System Preferences. This button is available for about an hour after you try to open the app.
To open this pane, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Security & Privacy.


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More About RouteBuddy Maps and Tools

Tour RouteBuddy
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Every Map Scale You Need For Planning
Unique! Mix and Layer Topo Maps
Unique Satellite Overlay Map with No Bounce-back
FastFilter to Search All of Your Data
Detailed Maps of The USA
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Quick Route Planning with RouteBuddy
In RouteBuddy you can Customise Your Map Tools
In RouteBuddy You Can Customise Your Waypoints and POIs
Key Points
RouteBuddy is the most powerful offline map software you’ll find.

Faster than web maps, with no annual charges.

Safely stores valuable route data on your own computer.
Thinking about web maps?
…think again! Compare the differences by clicking here
Who uses RouteBuddy?
…experienced people who need a professional mapping solution
Some features require purchase of the full version of RouteBuddy