#4 - Simples


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We designed RouteBuddy Atlas to be easy to use. No confusing interface, no login screens and easy map purchase.
Easy Peasy

Check out our Quick Start Guide below

Not smothered in tiny text and buttons, or with umpteen screens to flip between, Atlas is built for the great outdoors.
Power Tools
Quickly and simply access powerful tools and data feedback via Atlas' screen.
Precise Plotter
Route Planning becomes Easy! - use with one finger, or two for speed plotting. Just target the map under the crosshairs, drop a routepoint, then pan map to target and drop the next one.

This is a whole new way of planning routes and it is far more accurate than outdated vague and clunky tools.
Switch Maps
Stay focussed on your navigation. Atlas puts all maps under your control and, with just two taps, you can immediately change scale and type.
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10 easy steps to learn the basics about RouteBuddy Atlas.
PLUS! Download a searchable PDF Manual and get more from our Apps & Maps.