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Please note that RouteBuddy is under period of restructuring - 2022/2023
Please note that RouteBuddy will be closing for business from 31st December 2021
1. Please backup all of your maps, software and manuals for RouteBuddy and Atlas
2. More information to follow…
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Navigate with iPhone or iPad
Using Routebuddy Atlas for iOS
Long distance Hikers and Bushcraft experts rely on RouteBuddy
Quickly plan any Route
Using RouteBuddy for Windows or Mac
Planning routes is easier and better than when using web maps
More trails in RouteBuddy
Seamless layering of Multiple Topo Maps and Satellite Imagery
No topo map shows all trails but RouteBuddy does with satellite view
Custom maps Save Money
Hundreds of Map Formats to give you just the map you need
With our Custom Maps just pay for the area you need
Back up Data to Computer
Simple WiFi Sync between mobile and computer
One click safely backs up all GPS data to your own computer
Printed Maps and GPS Maps
Comprehensive printing options in RouteBuddy Pro
For safety take printed maps - Print as many as you like
Thinking about web maps?
…think again! Compare the differences by clicking here
Who uses RouteBuddy?
…experienced people who need a professional mapping solution
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