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Harvey's Digital National Trail Maps - A first for Harvey's!


Fifty New Harvey Maps coming to the RouteBuddy Store!

Harvey Trail Maps
RouteBuddy and Harvey Maps of Scotland are pleased to announce the launch of the complete set of digital Harvey's Trail maps. This unique launch comprises not only all of the National Trail Maps for England, Scotland and Wales but also all other major GB national trails in the Harvey 1:40K map scale format.

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All Harvey maps can be used on iOS in RouteBuddy Atlas or on Windows and Mac OS X with RouteBuddy our desktop map software.
About our Navigation App

As always, RouteBuddy Atlas is the easiest iOS navigation map app to use with a clean and easy-to-understand user interface. Our app easily syncs your maps and routes either over WiFi or USB.

About our Desktop Map Software

When it comes to advanced planning tools over every other map software, especially limited-use online maps, RouteBuddy is the master - on both Windows and Mac OS X. Uniquely you can layer Harvey Maps with OS maps and at-the-same-time overlay detailed satellite map imagery, these tools give you the most advanced map planning options available.

Coming Soon! - the Harvey Map for Affric Kintail Way…
The new Affric Kintail Way map is soon to be hot off the printing press from Harvey and, second in line, as soon as the digital raw map data is forwarded to RouteBuddy, we'll be processing and adding this new map to complete the Harvey Trail digital map range.

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