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Harvey's SuperWalker Maps


SuperWalker 25K Maps coming to the RouteBuddy Store!

Harvey’s say…
More than a map, this is an essential piece of equipment and the new generation HARVEY Superwalker is designed to be the most practical tool for navigation outdoors; the Superwalker XT25 is based on original HARVEY mapping with all the information a walker would expect on a map at 1:25,000 scale plus walls and fences on farmland are now shown.

The clarity of the mapping has been improved to enable more people to read it without their glasses and the map is uncluttered by information irrelevant to the walker added to which its precise contouring and delicate hill shading give an immediate picture of the ground.

RouteBuddy say…
We’re very pleased to reach agreement with Harvey’s to bring another range of their detailed walkers maps to the successful range we already offer from our RouteBuddy store and as In-App map purchases. Harvey are now completing updates on all the raw map data, shipping to us and then we’ll be engineering these new maps via our proprietary MapFactory software. As always these maps will layer and merge with other maps and offer our unique satellite map overlay for advanced planning of routes.