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…Working with Leading Cartographers to provide Unique WorldGeo™ Topo Maps
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Where can I use my maps?
RouteBuddy Atlas for iPhone and iPad
Online and Offline Topo Maps in Routebuddy Atlas
Quick, Easy Navigation. Flip between full screen & powerful tools
Show current location, record your track measure distance
To zoom in and out of map just tap or use pinch and squeeze
RouteBuddy for Windows and macOS
WiFo sync of topo maps and gpx files in RouteBuddy and Routebuddy Atlas
Print your Maps - as many copies as you like and up to A3 size
Plan Routes, Excursions and Stopovers in great detail.
Satellite Map overlay makes sure you see ALL the trails
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Edale 1:25k

OS BaseLayer
Edale 1:25k

OS Explorer
Edale 1:50k

OS Landranger
Edale 1:25k

Harvey SuperWalker
London 1:10k

GB MiniScale 1:1Mk

Colour | Standard
GB MiniScale 1:1Mk

Mono | Standard
GB MiniScale 1:1Mk

Colour | Standard | Grid
GB MiniScale 1:1Mk

Colour | Relief | Roads
GB MiniScale 1:1Mk

Colour | Relief | County Boundaries
Try Maps - Denmark…
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Skanderborg 1:25k

Denmark - Kortforsyningen
Skanderborg 1:100k

Denmark - Kortforsyningen
Try Maps - Norway…
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Troms 1:50k

Norway - Kartverket
Troms 1:250k

Norway - Kartverket
Troms 1:500k

Norway - Kartverket
Troms 1:1000k

Norway - Kartverket
Try Maps - New Zealand…
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Queenstown 1:50k

New Zealand - LINZ
The RouteBuddy Map advantage…
Being able to mix and layer maps of different types and scales is unique to RouteBuddy.

Our unique WorldGeo™ Topo Maps can be mixed, layered and merged - a powerful feature no other software offers. Additionally, in RouteBuddy Pro, all Topo maps can utilise direct Satellite Map overlay for more powerful planning - all because RouteBuddy Maps are engineered to this modern standard.
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RouteBuddy Store Maps are 'MultiPlatform Maps', downloaded to a computer for loading into RouteBuddy Atlas on your iPhone or iPad and/or RouteBuddy on Windows or macOS.
You don't have to pay to use your maps again! (Our competitors charge you again, on an annual basis, to use your maps via a inefficient web-only service.)
The best value maps because you can use them in so many different ways on your mobile and desktop devices and also PRINT as many maps as you like.
Buy Maps from within RouteBuddy Atlas on iPhone or iPad
RouteBuddy Atlas Maps bought as In-App map purchases are limited to use on 'iPhone and iPad Only' - nor - can they be transferred to your Mac or PC. Nor can you print from these maps.
Map upgrades - In some cases we will consider upgrades but this all depends upon the initial value of the In-App map and Apple's fee system.
Something no one else offers on Windows or macOS…
All RouteBuddy Topo Maps can be Mixed, Layered and Merged with any other RouteBuddy's Topo maps.
All RouteBuddy Topo Maps can be layered under Satellite Map Imagery.
Which means:
Only in RouteBuddy do you have the most powerful map planning and analysis tools available.
RouteBuddy's maps represent the best buy for the customer, whichever format you choose. High quality and a competitive price, why compromise with anything else?

We don't sell customers expensive map tiles, you get just the map you need from RouteBuddy, not the unwanted and wasted parts of tiles as sold elsewhere.
(Buying by tile costs a lot more due to the number of many extra tiles you need to cover an area or trail, and with up to 10sq. Km wastage on each unwanted tile, that's a lot of unwanted map you'll end up paying for!
No wasted time for you in creating a map from tiles, we've already done the work and removed waste!
Always best to use Old and New Technology - With PRINTED* Maps in one hand and DIGITAL Maps in the other!
All our Topo maps are built with RouteBuddy's unique and advanced map-compression-technology, offering smooth zoom and pan from our pre-rendered tiles that no other vendor is able to offer. Uniquely RouteBuddy's maps are MultiLayered where we uniquely pre-build all zoom levels for great detail and then compress the map file to make it small.
Use maps on iPhone or iPad
All our Topo maps can be used in RouteBuddy Atlas for iPhone and iPad.
With our mobile map software
RouteBuddy Atlas you can put your maps and routes on any iOS device enabling you to locate where you are and where you are going.
Use maps on Windows or macOS
All our Topo maps can be used in RouteBuddy for Windows and macOS.
RouteBuddy Desktop software gives you a number of ways to use every map, view maps offline on the computer, plot routes on them, save tracks to them, add waypoints, print pages, and a whole lot more*.
How do RouteBuddy decide on the price of maps?
Key points are:
  • Quality of the map data and age of map
  • Size of map in pixel size and storage size
  • Market availability of maps for the area of each particular map
Thinking about web maps?
…think again! Compare the differences by clicking here
Who uses RouteBuddy?
…experienced people who need a professional mapping solution
Some features require purchase of the full version of RouteBuddy
- Note on Strip Maps -
Variation of trail coverage either side of the trail on each map depends on location, the trail itself, and possible accessible facilities. We are always happy to listen to customers for any improvements that customers may suggest and can be contacted here: